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Innovation Speech: Fostering Innovation

Innovation Speech: Fostering Innovation. Want to Foster Innovation? Put Down Your iPad and Unplug. IBM technology evangelist David Barnes champions boredom as a critical ingredient in fostering innovation. Trying to come up with the next big disruptive idea? Unplug for awhile. Complete video at: http://fora.tv/conference/idea_festival_2011


Serious innovation has evolved beyond continual improvement to transformational, often disruptive change. Linear thinking and cautious change is inconsistent with the demands of our hyper-competitive marketplace of ideas. IBM technology evangelist David Barnes talks about the dynamics of invention and game-changing innovation, including ways that IBM (with over 50,000 patents!) continues to meet this challenge. David will be joined by Heather Howell, Chief Tea Officer of Rooibee Red Tea, for a discussion of how innovation is embraced from both a large and small entrepreneurial company perspective.

Presented by the Kentucky Community and Technical College.

Much more than a conference, the IdeaFestival is a catalyst for high-speed innovation, product development, and creative endeavors. This series of events attracts leading thinkers and curious minds from across the nation and around the globe.

After you’ve watched an innovation video what can you do next? How can you apply what you’ve learned or been inspired to do…and keep learning and being inspired? You can watch more videos or read more on the topic but consider this. We learn most through reflective action, through applying the knowledge we’ve gained, through experiencing and making it real for use. What can you do or take action on?

This Innovation Videos website is a resources to help you stay fresh, on the cutting edge, and up to date with your own learning and personal and professional development. The ability and skill to innovate is becoming more important than ever due to the rapid pace of change in our world. You may not have had a class on “innovation” in school or at your work so it is up to you to gain the knowledge, attitude, mindset, and skill that will allow you to adapt and respond to change with innovation. A first step is to read or watch videos on this site to get inspired and learn ways you can be more innovative. Then, take what you are learning and apply it to your own life and work. Take on an innovative project to create and develop something new that can have an impact, something you may not have ever done before. Perhaps you will get an idea from an innovation video on our site.

After learning on your own look to be a part of a leadership program, workshop, course, or seminar. Join a group or even create a startup with some partners. Involve other people in learning and doing innovation with you. Keep reading and keep listening because there is always opportunity to learn new methods since new technologies are being introduced all the time. When you are just working on your computer, have a video playing to listen and learn. See if you can watch (or at least listen to) a different innovation video everyday to keep developing your knowledge base and leadership skills. But remember…you will need to do something. Take action!