Creative Innovation Global and Creative Universe Predictions Toward 2020

Creative Innovation Global and Creative Universe Predictions Toward 2020

Creative Innovation Global and Creative Universe Predictions Toward 2020. What we are by 2020?  Where is information by that year? How far does IT can go? Creative Innovation Global and Creative Universe answers the question by this prediction video.

Opening video from Creative Innovation 2015 Asia Pacific. Join us on our journey into the year 2020 and beyond…

By the year 2025, the world’s population will reach over 8 billion. For the first time ever there are more devices than people and by 2030 computers will be as powerful as human beings. The future will be filled with amazing opportunities and great challenges.

The world is changing faster than we can think… So we have to change our thinking!

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All information was gathered through PwC, World Bank, UN reports, Singularity website and google searches.

Time – Hans Zimmer (2010)

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